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Designer & Project Manager

Madeline is a designer who looks for the story in each project then tells it through space and building details. Architecture can evoke memory, make emotional connections, and engage people—all of which drives Madeline in her work. One example of this is her architectural thesis “Mni Ki Wakan Commons: A Center for Storytelling” where she situated artist studios within an abandoned railroad bridge for the American Indian community.

At 292, Madeline’s experience includes a variety of project types–education, commercial, worship and recreation. Recently she’s focused on interior renovations, not only the impact of good space planning, color or the experience of space, but also constructability issues such as roof enclosure details. Madeline knows that a good project, like a good story, is multi-layered; her work shows it.

Madeline at a glance

Some of Madeline's Projects

Afrique Event Center, Bloomington, MN

Holy Family Academy Addition, St. Louis Park, MN


University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Design

The Catholic University of America, Master of Architecture

Favorite Snack

Spicy hummus (no pimentos!) and pita chips

Favorite Park

White Sands Beach along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis

Favorite Architectural Detail

Skylight/ceiling detail at the Arvonne Fraser Library in Minneapolis designed by Minnesota’s Ralph Rapson