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Erik is an architect who is recognized for his calm, diligent approach to construction administration. Construction can be a stress-filled process with changes or unexpected issues; Erik’s composed, levelheaded responses alleviate anxiety and keep projects on track.


In part, his measured approach stems from his interest in rock climbing. Erik likened design and construction to climbing. Before starting to climb or build, reading the route or evaluating your site and plan is important. Both are required prep work. Once climbing, finding creative hand or foot holds is akin to drawing details of a building; you know where you want to go and the details, the creative hand holds, get you there.


In the field of snacks, Erik is admired for his generosity with baked goods. He frequently stops at the neighboring bakery to pick up banana bread, cookies, and more. They know him by name.

Erik at a glance

Some of Erik's Projects

Chaska Curling & Event Center, Chaska, MN

Hennepin County Excelsior Library, Excelsior, MN

Tin Whiskers Brewhouse, St. Paul, MN

Medina Police Department & Public Works, Medina, MN


University of Minnesota, Master of Architecture

Favorite Baked Good


Favorite, Underappreciated Building Detail

Restroom grab bars

Favorite Snack

Lay’s Southern Biscuit & Gravy Chips in a bowl. They’re healthier out of bowl versus out of the bag, right?